Oraspa™ is dedicated to eliminating the fear of dentistry. Dental anxiety, apprehension, phobias and fear of dental pain – are keeping dentistry from reaching its full potential. You have an opportunity to be a part of that change that right now.

Oraspa™ embraces the 'softer side of dentistry'. At Oraspa™, we combine the science of holistic therapy with dentistry. This "whole-istic" philosophy focuses on the oral-systemic link while providing relaxation in the dental office.

At Oraspa™, we provide safe dental educational training along with natural holistic products.

- The DentalSpa™ Certification Course for hygienists,
- The RestoraSpa™ Certification Courses for dental assistants and dentists.

We are now offering Oraspa™ hygiene franchise opportunities to Oraspa™ Therapists. For more information complete the Contact Us Page.

Why would anyone have their teeth cleaned any other way?
-- Ron Euliano, IL
Having the DentalSpa™ therapy is like going to a world-class spa
-- Annie Morgan, Oakbrook, IL
This is what I’ve been in search of for years for my practice and for me!
-- Nadine Lyons, Oraspa™ Therapist
This is the perfect combination between dentistry and alternative therapy.
-- Pam Jones, Oraspa™ Therapist
My patients often ask, “Can I get my teeth cleaned again next week”.
-- Nancy Jones, Oraspa™ Therapist
Our patients love the DentalSpa™. There are fewer cancellations and “no shows”. They even come early!
-- Scharfenberg Dental, Elmhurst, IL
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